Our Mission

Provide Healing Through HIS Blessings

We use GOD’S Organic Herbs to infuse our handmade products with HIS healing powers.

Est. 2020

Family Owned and Operated

Handmade with Prayers in Small Batches

100% Organic



Why Choose Us

Why Us

As a close-knit, family-owned business, we’re deeply rooted in our faith and grateful for the blessings that allow us to share the healing wonders of herbs nurtured from the earth, just as intended. Our commitment to quality shines through in our 100% organic products, lovingly cultivated to bring you the very best.

Looking to expand our horizons, we’re eager to reach new regions and attain certifications to better serve you. But beyond growth, our focus remains steadfast on providing a personalized, heartfelt experience.

Step into a world where every remedy is chosen with care, tailored to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Our mission is simple: to ensure your well-being by crafting formulations that are not only effective but also a joy to use.

We understand that the journey to finding the perfect remedy should be as fulfilling as the benefits it brings. That’s why our knowledgeable team is here for you every step of the way, ready to offer guidance and support. With their expertise and our dedication to your satisfaction, rest assured you’ll discover just what you need to thrive.

Explore our carefully curated collection, spanning from time-tested traditional solutions to cutting-edge innovations in holistic care. Relax knowing you’re in capable hands as we guide you through our offerings, helping you find remedies that align seamlessly with your lifestyle and health goals.

Handmade & Organic

Every oil is infused, and every health product is handcrafted in-house. The use of small batches guarantees that each item is crafted to perfection.

Monthly Subscriptions

Save time and money by signing up for monthly subscriptions. Products arrive at your door each month without clicking a button.

Family Operated

We are a small operation, which allows for direct communication to speak with owners. Dedicated Customer Service is our guarantee.

Shipped Right to Your Door

We deliver to all 50 states and many other countries. We even provide international options through our distributors for reduced shipping costs.

About the Owner


I don’t consider myself to be anything but someone who stumbled onto the fascination of the power that nature has to heal and encourage.

I have been a hairstylist with AVEDA for more than 17 years and a business owner for 15 of those years. During this time, I have advanced my skills and knowledge through education and experience. 

I was a businesswoman and a single mom living in this busy large salon environment. I loved it, but it wasn’t good to my health. I was always sick from unhealthy eating and fast paced lifestyle. I finally got “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired” from my health to my soul. I decided that I wanted to get back to my roots and all that God’s nature has to offer.  It was calling me, I felt it was time to change my life and I couldn’t do that without God’s help..

As I began to research, learn and educate myself with herb wellness history. Registered myself with The Herbal Academy and it all took off from there. I believed more and more in the ancient healing art of nature and using what God has put on this ever-supplying earth. Miraculous things are found in the Bible and in nature. What has, even more, astonished me is that most of these wellness tools that the earth has provided us are in our own backyard! Tools for all of us to be able to use.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. And I give 100% credit to God for showing me a different way of life and also saving me.

I hope you love my shop as much as I do. ❤️

“Let GOD’s herbs be thy medicine.” ~Angie

RESUME: Barbara Oneill Week Seminar Training, The Herbal Academy, Dr. Lodi Parasite Course, Business courses Advanced Aveda Education, Advanced Cutting with Jon Reyman, Success with Harry D Wood IV, Advanced Color with Ian Michael Black, Styling with Allen Ruiz, Advanced Cutting with Van Michael Salon. Attended Aveda Congress in 2011-Peter Gray, David Adams, Tipping Shorter, Jon Reyman, Lupe Voss, Yugi Okawa, Business class at congress. Aveda Congress 2013, Living your life as a day maker with David Wagner, Technical Cutting with Christopher Brooker. Redken training.

Let GOD’S Herbs Be Thy Medicine.” ~Angie BTOR222 Founder